bootylicious bbl pillow


1. How will this help my recovery?
This bbl pillow allows you to sit without putting pressure on the buttocks. After a
Brazilian Butt Lift or Fat Transfer it is not recommended to sit for weeks to months in
order to retain most of the new inserted fat cells. Sitting directly on the Buttocks after
surgery can cause potential fat loss and affect your results.
2. How long can I use the booty pillow?
You can start using the pillow immediately after your procedure and continue using it
periodically until you fully recover. Most patients use the pillow for minimum of 3 months
and some go up to a year because they say they feel more “secure” with it. Every
Doctor has different time lengths for their patients. We recommend you follow the
instructions given by your doctor.
3. Can I travel or fly with the booty pillow?
Yes, this bbl pillow fits perfectly in most airplane seats and has a carrying bag making it
easy to take it everywhere you go.
4. Does this product have weight or shape restrictions?
If you fit in a standard universal chair, then this bbl pillow works for you. An item that is
too big or bulky can be dangerous, uncomfortable, embarrassing and bulky to sit on.
The booty pillow can hold up to 250 pounds.
6. How long can I sit on the bbl pillow?
The bbl pillow was designed for occasional use. It is recommended every 30 minutes to
get up and walk around to increase blood flow. If you experience any numbness,
tingling or pain, discontinue using immediately and get up to walk around and increase
circulation. Make sure you position yourself correctly and your feet are always touching
the floor to avoid any discomfort.
7. I’m worried about the height of the pillow being to small and sinking?
The pillow is made from a strong foam that will not sink nor flatten. There is no need to
have anything higher than 3 inches because of the consistency that our product is made
from. It will keep you off your butt when sitting properly.

8. What if I had liposuction in the lower back of my thighs?
If you had liposuction in the back of your thighs, we do not recommend this bbl pillow
because you will be putting pressure on that area specifically in order to sit and avoid
pressure off your butt.